Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pedal your own painting

 The Travelling Factory
Pedal your own painting

Pedal your painting, your own very special work of art.
First you get on the bike (it does not move)
A clean white sheet of paper is placed in a center of a magic ball
It swings as soon as you start to cycle
Choose your favorit colours and the artist will drop it on de painting.
A completely surprising and beautiful painting is made by yourself.
Even if your are only two years of age!

Once your painting is finished it is wet.
On the very special servicebicycle you can dry it.

The Travelling Factory was founded in 2011 by the artist and designer Batja Eck from the Netherlands
She designes and creates mechanical structures out of old vintage hometrainers and other second hands materials
Each creation is unique and especially designed for the purpose of having children cycle their own work of art in a magic and incredible way.
A lot of fun is guaranteed.

Pedal your own Painting of the The Travelling Factory will be at the International Cargo Bike Festival on Sunday 19 April 2015 at De Vasim.