Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Participants at the ICBF 2015 FAIR

Several participants have registered for the International Cargo Bike Festival already. You will find the conditions for participation H E R E  

Alinker - Canada, Netherlands
Bicicapace - Italy
Busybike - Netherlands
Carla Cargo - Germany
City of Nijmegen - Netherlands
Carla Cargo
De Fietsfabriek - Netherlands
Douze Cycles - France
Douze Cycles
European Cycle Logistics Federation - Europe / UK
GWA Energy, Inc. - Taiwan
Nimble Scooters - USA
Op Vuur en Vlam - Netherlands
Pedal Your Own Painting - Netherlands
Pedal your Own Painting
Province Gelderland - Netherlands
Radkutsche - Germany
Slowbiking - Netherlands
Urban Arrow - Netherlands
Velove - Sweden

 You will find the conditions for participation H E R E 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Kevin J. Krizek, Keynote Speaker at ICBF 2015

With great pleasure we annonce that Prof. Dr. Kevin J. Krizek is keynote speaker at the International Cargo Bike Conference on Saturday 18 April 2015 in Nijmegen.

Kevin J. Krizek is Professor of Planning and Design at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Recently he started an appointment as visiting professor "Cycling in changing urban regions" at the Nijmegen School of Management of the Radboud University in Nijmegen. As far as we know Kevin Krizek is the first offical appointed "Cycling Professor" in the world.
In his blog Kevin Krizek refers to his appiontment jokingly as "Professor in Vacuuming"


Velostrom on the ICBF 2015

The German Online Magazin for pedelecs and e-bike "Velostrom" wrote an interesting article about the International Cargo Bike Festival.
It is in German and you can find it H E R E

Velostrom also published a great article about the "Velove Armadillo", the new innovative elctric cargo bike from Sweden.
The Velove was developped in cooperation with the Dutch recumbent bike builder Flevobike.
The article is available H E R E