Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blogposts and articles on the ICBF2014

On this page we will publish the blogposts and articles about the International Cargo Bike Festival published by others.

The wellknown blogger BicycleDutch posted a great article: International Cargo Bike Festival

Jonathan of Oosterhout Productions made a smashing short video of both days of the International Cargo Bike Festival 2014. Check it out H E R E

Aya Kashiwabara, a Japanese freelance journalist, published an article about the cargo bike festival in Green Mobility. This is new life style magazine on cycling and bicycles in Tokyo as to promote bicycle usage in Tokyo and all over Japan. It is also available online;  (page 12 - 15 inclusive)

Also Cycleroads . com from Japan published a blog on the ICBF2014

Steven Vance form Chicago Cargo made a nice serie of notes of the European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference: #ICBF2014
Video of the Urban Arrow Solar Sound System

You can still watch the Live streamer registration by Ton Haex at Bambuser published a ICBF2014 Twitter Round-up

The regional TV station 'Omroep Gelderland' paid attention to the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen. GO! Netherlands added the subtitles in English.
Watch it HERE

ECF sent their Press-Release: It's Boom Time for Cargo Bikes

Notice of PRO-E-BIKE at the International Cargo Bike Festival 2014

Holland-Cycling wrote about the ICBF2014.
Biking for business - Part 1 
Biking for business - Part 2

Bakfietsblog: Bakfietstreffen 2014 in English
Bakfietsblog: Bakfietstreffen 2014 in Nijmegen auf Deutsch

Steven Fleming: Cursed by my haters, I prevail nonetheless

Paul van Roekel (in Dutch) Ik zeg nooit meer 'bakfiets'. 

Article by Elizabeth Barner of CTC

Video of the Cargo Bike Parade by Davide

Interview on YouTube on XYZ SpaceFrames and 8Rad by Nico Jungel from the Berliner Fahrradschau.

No Tech Magazine on 8 wheeler cargo bike
and on the Modular Cargo Bike

Our Spanish speaking friends can read this excellent blogpost by Xiclo-Logistics fromValladolid, Spain.

Biciclub Revista, Argentina: La era de las Cargo Bikes, 11 may 2014, 'Die Lastenräder-Offensive' 

See also Pictures 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's Boom Time For Cargo Bikes

2014 ECF Press Release. Conference and Inauguration of the European Cycle Logistics Federation at the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 13 April 2014.
Gary Armstrong of ECLF Click the photo

The Alinker at ICBF 2014 in Nijmegen

The regional TV station 'Omroep Gelderland' paid attention to the International Cargo Bike Festival and the Alinker in Nijmegen on 13 April 2014.

GO! Netherlands added the subtitles in English.
Watch it HERE

More information on The Alinker

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

T-shirts of the BakfietsTreffen 2014

BakfietsTreffen 2014 T-shirt

Some of the participants of the International Cargo Bike Festival 2014 in Nijmegen might have missed the t-shirts that are made for the occasion.
The shirts are designed and printed by 'Groene Was' which means 'Green Laundry'.  Groene Was works with organic cotton and environmental friendly paints. It is one of the small businesses of Cultuurspinnerij De Vasim, where we had the cargo bike festival.

Yellow print - front
Sizes are S,  M,  L,  XL for women and men.
L for men in yellow is sold out!

Backside with complete logo
Price: 20 euros per t-shirt.
3 - 9 t-shirts 17,50 euros each
10 or more t-shirts 15 euros each
Order at ICBF2014

Green - front

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pictures of the International Cargo Bike Festival 2014

At this page you'll find links to several series of pictures of the International Cargo Bike Festival on Sunday 13 April 2014

Photo: Jaap Baarends. ICBF2014, De Vasim, Nijmegen

Pictures by photographer Jaap Barends

Pictures by photographer Bas de Meijer

More pictures by Bas de Meijer

Pictures by Adrian Oliver Cycling Age: Bikes and and more bikes

Pictures by Andrea Casalotti  
and Meta Photographic Gallery

Cargo Bike Roll Call Nijmegen by Jan Beeldrijk 
new photos will be uploaded on a daily basis to this group

Pictures by Steve Vance

Royalty free images of the Conference, the inauguration of the ECBF and the International Cargo Bike Festival and Parade (April 13) by Geert Elemans are available HERE

Pictures by 

Blog and pictures by Johan Erlandsson

Some more nice pictures by Dairyboybob

See also Blogposts and articles  

Video by DrBeyk

We keep on adding photographs of what we see and receive.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Notes from the ECLF Conference

Steven Vance form Chicago Cargo made a nice serie of notes of the European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference: #ICBF2014

Also you can see the Live streamer registration by Ton Haex at Bambuser

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cyclelogistics companies from Spain

Article from XICLO, Valladolid (, 12th of April 2014
Goedemorgen Nijmegen!
In this 2nd edition of the Conference of the European Cycle Logistics Federation, will be present five companies of bike messengers and cycle logistics, specialized in last mile solutions, coming from all parts of Spain.

Please enjoy their website and spots videos:
 Oraintxe Pamplona (1994)
 Cooperativa La Luna Shipping from  Gijón Oviedo (1995)
Txita, San Sebastian (2006)
Txita on YouTube
Vanapedal, Barcelona (2010)
Xiclo Valladolid (2013).

Thursday, April 10, 2014

8Rad is on its way

The biggest cargo bike we know is on its way to Nijmegen. It has 8 wheels.

It is built by Nico from Berlin, Germany.

Some technical data:
8 wheels, 4 fix, 4steer, indipendent wheel suspension, load 450kg + 2 drivers, 3x8x5 gears, differential, 5x2m, average speed 10-15km/h.
Electric motor and solar power planned. Also a structure for use as a mobile space.
"help replacing cars by bicycles and enjoy new cities, be part of history"

More info on the website of Nico Jungel

Live streaming of the Cycle Logistics Federation Conference

On Saturday 12 April you can follow the CycleLogistics Federation Conference live on The Happy Cargo Biker - Blij dat ik Bakfiets Facebook-page!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bakfiets Parade - Cargo Bike Parade

On Sunday, April 13th, we start the Cargo Bike Fair with the Bakfiets Parade / Cargo Bike Parade through the City of Nijmegen.

At 11.30 am the cargo bikes get together from everywhere at the 'Grote Markt' in Nijmegen in front of 'De Waagh' near the statue of 'Mariken van Nimwegen'.

At 12.00 hrs the cargo bikes head to the BakfietsTreffen at De Vasim at the Winselingseweg.All participants should abey to regular traffic rules and participation is on your own risk.

This is the route we will ride: Grote Markt - Burchtstraat - Hertogstraat - Van Broekhuijsenstraat - Van Welderenstraat - Molenstraat - Plein '44 - Doddendaal - Parkweg - L.Hezelstraat - Hezelpoort and then follow the new fast cycle path along the Honig factory to De Vasim and the BakfietsTreffen / Cargo Bike Fair under the arches of the new bridge De Oversteek / The Crossing.
Arrival at 1 pm.

Cargo bikers of the world, unite and ride!

T-shirt of the BakfietsTreffen

Yep, the T-shirts of this years BakfietsTreffen are ready.

The shirts are designed and printed by 'Groene Was' which means 'Green Laundry'.  Groene Was works with organic cotton and environmental friendly paints.

Sizes are S,  M,  L,  XL for women and men. This great cargo bike T-shirt will be for sale at the Conference on Saturday and at the Cargo Bike Fair on Sunday. Price: 20 euros.

Cargo Bike Races

Velocity Fietskoeriers, one of the local bike messengers companies in Nijmegen organizes two races at the International Cargo Bike Festival on Sunday 13 april 2014.

Main race
14:30 – 15:30

Alleycat style, multiple checkpoints with cargo. 20+ kg
Be fast and/or clever
Register for free on site
Prizes for winner, second,  first female and DFL

Cargo Time trial

Load cargo 20+ kg,
Sprint 1000 m. across the bridge,
Drop off and pick up new (bigger?) load,
Sprint 1000 m

Location; the bridge over the Cargo Bike Festival, called The Crossing / De Oversteek
Register for free on sunday on site
Prizes for winner, second, first female and DFL

hope to see ya all!

At the Cycle Logistics Federation Conference on Saturday, Rob Vousten and Mark Potters, the founders of Velocity Fietskoeriers, will present their business case on 'Cargo Bikes in the Food Chain'.

 Last week Velocity Fietskoeriers was one of the three nominees for the MVO Award (CSR Award). They did not win the first prize, but the nomination itself was great. Congratulations!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Where does the cargo bike stop?

Bert Wolters wrote an article on cargo bikes for the Dutch Association of Inventors (NOVU) entitled "Where does the cargo bike stop?" and he translated it for us into English.

Bert will be at the European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference on Saturday 12 april, where you can meet him.

The original in Dutch 'Waar stopt de vrachtfiets?' you can read on his website 'ruimte in projecten'.

Cycle Logistics in the Press


The CycleLogistics project is getting considerable media interests in the run up to the inauguration of the ECLF on 12 April 2014 at the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen. See who's covering the story.
NB: This page may be updated - so check back.





ECF PRESS release
Cargo Bikes roll into EU parliament
Hard evidence for the economic and environmental benefits of cargo bikes rolls into the EU Parliament during a round table meeting that precedes the upcoming International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen. EU politicians, business representatives and NGOs took part in Brussels to discuss future greener transportation of goods in Europe’s congested inner cities....


Workshop: Setting up and running a cycle based delivery business

Workshop: Setting up and running a cycle based delivery business

Recent research has highlighted that 25% of trips within urban areas involve carrying light goods and could easily be transferred from motorised vehicles to cargo bikes. In addition parking fines, delivery deadlines, congested streets, low-emission  and restricted access areas all contribute to making delivery by lorries and vans increasingly difficult.

Cargo bikes have been around for over a century but only recently as our urban landscape changes are we seeing the positive impact they could have on urban logistics.

Topics to be covered include:

  • business planning
  • choosing the right bicycle
  • market research
  • service types
  • pricing & delivery area
  • marketing & promotion
  • potential customers
  • staffing
  • unique selling points
  • set-up and running costs

There will be an opportunity to try out a range of cargo bikes at the Festival
Outspoken Delivery the innovative and successful delivery company based in Cambridge, UK has developed a workshop aimed at individuals and companies interested in setting up and running a cycle based delivery business using cargo bikes.

Workshop Arrangements

When: Sunday 13 April 2014, 10.00 am – 12.00 am

Where: Cultuurspinnerij de Vasim, Winselingseweg 41, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Cost: Free of charge

To reserve a place email: Info @

Please note the workshop will be delivered in English. For more information contact: gary.armstrong @

Outspoken Delivery are one of nine partners involved in the EU funded CycleLogistics project which has been set up to promote the use of cycles for carrying cargo. See for more information.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Eighty Thousand Cargo Bikes

Written by Jos Sluijsmans
For some problems the solutions are easier than you can possibly imagine. E.g. consider the vast number of delivery vans that pollute inner cities, cause traffic jams and give city centres an unfriendly atmosphere. Part of those vans could easily be replaced by cargo bikes. Using those for urban distribution has three major advantages: reduction of CO2-emission, easier access to city centres and a far more pleasant city atmosphere.

Idealism for people suffering from nostalgia? Certainly not! In 2012 the company DHL Express replaced thirty of the approximately three hundred delivery vans by parcycles (a contraction of parcel and bicycles): specially designed transport bikes for parcel deliveries. This means a substantial cut in operating costs of € 430.000 per year, besides a considerable reduction of CO2-emission, and probably healthier employees.
DHL Epress at 'Grote Markt in Nijmegen
By how much will emission be reduced? The following calculation was published in de Volkskrant (December 7, 2013) by journalist Bard de Weijer. It was based on the Mercedes Vito, about the standard van in the world of mail and parcel delivery. This van uses up to approximately 10 litres of diesel to every 100 kilometres. Let us assume that on an average run 50 parcels are being delivered and that a full run covers 50 kilometres (return trip to distribution centre plus delivery round); this would result in a fuel consumption of 5 litres of diesel per run. For this 50 kWh are used (calculation based on the energy density of diesel), resulting in a CO2-emission of 13.2 kilogram per 50 kilometres. If we bear in mind the thirty DHL vans, replacing those by bikes would result in an annual reduction of CO2-emission of 118,000 kilogram (30 vans x 300 days x 13.2).

Obviously, this must be considered in a wider perspective than just those thirty vans. According to CBS-statistics (Central Bureau of Statistics) more than 800,000 vans are driving around the whole of the Netherlands. If, as with DHL Express,  10% of these (i.e. 80,000 vans)  were to be replaced by transport bikes, this would result in an annual reduction of CO2-emission of 316,800  metric tons.
In my town of residence, Nijmegen, where 1% of the Dutch population lives, statistically speaking 800 vans could be replaced by cargo bikes. At this moment only a couple of dozen of company cargo bikes are riding around in Nijmegen. Therefore, an enormous potential for growth. It could reduce CO2-emission by as much as 3,168 metric tons per year.

And it could become a lot more, as well. CycleLogistics is a European project which runs from May 2011 to April 2014. The object in view is the reduction of energy consumption by substituting unnecessary motorized transport by transport using bikes. According to a survey by CycleLogistics no less than 50% of all current goods transport in (inner) cities could be done by bike. For the Netherlands alone this would add up to 400,000 cargo and transport bikes and a reduction of CO2-emission by 1,584,000 metric tons!

Fortunately, lots of ideas are brewing in the Netherlands in order to stimulate the use of cargo bikes. In view of this we organise the largest event in the field of cargo bikes, the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen on April 12 and 13, 2014.

If you are smart, you keep a keen eye on this development. Small, manoeuvrable, cheap in purchase and maintenance, clean and healthy. The future is to cargo bikes.

Many thanks to Peter Spoormakers for the translation from the original in Dutch

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Three Tilting Trikes

We are very happy to announce that there will be presented three tilting - or leaning -  trikes at the International Cargo Bike Festival 2014.

Veleon from Berlin, Germany, launched its tilting trike last year. Veleon stands for the new urban mobility. This unique tricycle answers all your needs from a small transport vehicle.
The stability of a classical tricycle is combined with the dynamic ride of a bicycle.

Butchers & Bicycles’ first cargo bike — simply called the Mk I – is for anyone who loves cycling. With it, they intend to challenge the perception of how fun and easy riding a cargo bike can be without compromising usability. Check out the website for more information, lovely pictures and a great video.

There is this  rumour that Urban Arrow will launch its newest cargo bike with tilting wheels. As far as we know there are no pictures or videos available yet. Hopefully we will see more of it at the International Cargo Bike Festival.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

CYCLODEO shows cycling routes in Nijmegen

The cycling visualization platform CYCLODEO presents clear and concise cycle route information through the synchronization of HD video content (collected from the cyclists’ perspective) with a geo-coded online map. This allows web users to visually check route characteristics including, safety, traffic levels, relief, alignment, local points of interest and landmarks of journeys for cyclists before they travel.

Here are some videos recorded by CYCLODEO showing how to access De Vasim, the location of the International Cargo Bike Festival 2014.
The videos were recorded in full HD and you can set the quality to 1920x1080 by clicking on the bottom right side of the video player.

Over the past few months, CYCLODEO launched in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Copenhagen, New York and San Francisco. It received a wide international coverage in very influential publications such as Fast CompanyNBCEuronewsForbesDailyMail, and Mashable among many others. CYCLODEO was one of the winners of the Cycling Visionaries Awards at Velo-City Vienna in 2013.

The CYCLODEO platform can be used for: 
  1. Monitoring the bicycle traffic 
  2. Identifying dangerous sections of the road network
  3. Classifying cycling paths based on their type and comfort 
  4. Highlighting infrastructure quality for Transport Planners 
  5. Visually demonstrating infrastructure improvements (before/after views). This way, citizens can be visually reminded of the good work going on to improve cycle route infrastructure with new routes.
  6. Complementing existing initiatives to promote the benefits of cycling toward a larger audience through social media 
  7. Showcasing picturesque/touristic cycle routes, 
  8. Supporting tourism marketing initiatives as well as encouraging cycling in and around tourism venues/areas 
  9. The platform can also be used as a fun way to teach cycling at schools.
  10. Bike to work schemes to encourage more coworker to cycle to work
  11. Showing visitors how to access a venue (such as the hospital or a university) by bike from the city's main hubs (train station, supermarket, city center... etc). It would be a good and unique complement to the standard maps that are found in most contact pages of their websites

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Steven 'Cycle Space' Fleming

Dr. Steven Fleming, senior lecturer at the University of Tasmania (Australia), is an expert in the field of architecture and urban design. His interest lies with the question of how to produce what he terms as cycle space within cities. Fleming used to be an a prototypal architect designing high-rise apartments for corporate clients. When, back in the nineties, Fleming realised that pedestrians and cyclists threatened to get lost from view in this type of urban design, he decided to do a PhD in order to gain more political influence. He chose ‘the cyclist’s apprehension of cities’ as his subject. There was however ‘no academic available to supervise a study focused on bikes’ and Fleming was ‘steered toward writing a dissertation about architecture and aesthetic philosophy’. Thankfully this hasn’t stopped him from focussing on cycling as the modern way of getting around in cities. Or, in his own words: ‘I’m an architectural academic on a mission to get as many cities as possible to approach their next growth phase with cycling at the forefront of everyone’s thinking. If urban districts existed that were designed around cycling (…) then that would give more people more access to more jobs, schools and shops in the time available to them in an average work day, plus it would keep them healthy.’
Not surprisingly, Fleming’s recent and well-received book is called Cycle Space. Architecture & Urban Design in the Age of the Bicycle. At the International Cargo Bike Festival he will speak on Saturday on the subject of How architects can help increase cargo bike use.

On Sunday Steven Fleming will have another presentation entitled:  "I want to find a consortium of visionaries who will crowd fund the construction of large housing blocks designed to make leaving home on your bike as obvious as washing your hands after going to the toilet. Just as people with hand basins inside suffer less infectious disease, people who live in buildings that make you want to ride everywhere will suffer less chronic disease."

Some notes to swot up on in advance of the Cycle Logistics Federation Conference: 'Bicycle Urbanism in a Free Market'.

On monday 14 April Steven will present a guest lecture at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam on "Amsterdam cycling in international perspective: an actual culture or just a way to get around?"
Discussion with Lucas Harms, Mark te Brömmelstroet, Pete Jordan and Marc "Amsterdamize" van Woudenberg.
Click HERE for more information.
Click on the cover to purchase the book


DOUZE Cycles

DOUZE Cycles designs and develops a new generation of Cargo Bikes: elegant, practical, modular and comfortable.
With its FAST RELEASE 2014 innovation, DOUZE Cycles revolutionized the traditional cargo bike. The MESSENGER V2 and TRAVELLER V2 models can be separated into two parts and one of the three different length frames can be added. DOUZE cycles opens up new horizons to smooth and customized rides.

At the beginning DOUZE Cycles will have :

    - 2 rear frames:
        TRAVELLER V2 (without TOP TUBE)
        MESSENGER V2 (with TOP TUBE)
    - 2 front frames:
        <C> Compact (40cm payload)
        <ST>Standard (60cm payload)
    - 2 gear: Shimano Alfine 8, Shimano Alfine 11
    - 4 colors: White, Black. Red, Blue

DOUZE Cycles will presnt its new generation of cargo bikes at the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pedal your own painting

 The Travelling Factory
Pedal your own painting

Pedal your painting, your own very special work of art.
First you get on the bike (it does not move)
A clean white sheet of paper is placed in a center of a magic ball
It swings as soon as you start to cycle
Choose your favorit colours and the artist will drop it on de painting.
A completely surprising and beautiful painting is made by yourself.
Even if your are only two years of age!

Once your painting is finished it is wet.
On the very special servicebicycle you can dry it.

The Travelling Factory was founded in 2011 by the artist and designer Batja Eck from the Netherlands
She designes and creates mechanical structures out of old vintage hometrainers and other second hands materials
Each creation is unique and especially designed for the purpose of having children cycle their own work of art in a magic and incredible way.
A lot of fun is guaranteed.

Pedal your own Painting of the The Travelling Factory will be at the International Cargo Bike Festival on Sunday 19 April 2015 at De Vasim.

Mikael Colville-Andersen - Keynote speaker

Mikael Colville Andersen during the ISPO Bike 2013 Conference in Munich
Bicycle culture, urbanism, liveable cities: these are the themes addressed by urban mobility expert Mikael Colville-Andersen, CEO for Copenhagenize Consulting. This Danish-Canadian filmmaker, photographer and blogger started a worldwide trend of chic and urban cycling with his blogs Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize
His mission: to Copenhagenize the world. ‘40 years ago Copenhagen was just as car-clogged as anywhere else but now 36% of the population arriving at work or education do so on bicycles, from all over the Metro area. 50% of Copenhageners themselves use bicycles each day. Copenhagenizing is possible anywhere.’
He was one of the speakers at TEDxZürich 2012; in fact, Colville-Andersens keynote speeches are in great demand all over the world.

Colville-Andersen is specialised in bicycle planning, infrastructure and communication strategies that focus on selling bicycle culture and transport to a wider audience. In his own words: ‘85 years of traffic engineering revolving around the car has failed miserably. It’s time for modern thinking. Design can help. Historically, streets were human spaces. Let’s design our cities like we design toasters or smartphones, following the desire lines of our citizens.’ It is this important theme that Mikael Colville-Andersen will address at the International Cargo Bike Festival as well, in his talk entitled Bicycle Urbanism by Design - Modernising our cities for bicycle traffic.