Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cargo Bike Races

Velocity Fietskoeriers, one of the local bike messengers companies in Nijmegen organizes two races at the International Cargo Bike Festival on Sunday 13 april 2014.

Main race
14:30 – 15:30

Alleycat style, multiple checkpoints with cargo. 20+ kg
Be fast and/or clever
Register for free on site
Prizes for winner, second,  first female and DFL

Cargo Time trial

Load cargo 20+ kg,
Sprint 1000 m. across the bridge,
Drop off and pick up new (bigger?) load,
Sprint 1000 m

Location; the bridge over the Cargo Bike Festival, called The Crossing / De Oversteek
Register for free on sunday on site
Prizes for winner, second, first female and DFL

hope to see ya all!

At the Cycle Logistics Federation Conference on Saturday, Rob Vousten and Mark Potters, the founders of Velocity Fietskoeriers, will present their business case on 'Cargo Bikes in the Food Chain'.

 Last week Velocity Fietskoeriers was one of the three nominees for the MVO Award (CSR Award). They did not win the first prize, but the nomination itself was great. Congratulations!