Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blogposts and articles on the ICBF2014

On this page we will publish the blogposts and articles about the International Cargo Bike Festival published by others.

The wellknown blogger BicycleDutch posted a great article: International Cargo Bike Festival

Jonathan of Oosterhout Productions made a smashing short video of both days of the International Cargo Bike Festival 2014. Check it out H E R E

Aya Kashiwabara, a Japanese freelance journalist, published an article about the cargo bike festival in Green Mobility. This is new life style magazine on cycling and bicycles in Tokyo as to promote bicycle usage in Tokyo and all over Japan. It is also available online;  (page 12 - 15 inclusive)

Also Cycleroads . com from Japan published a blog on the ICBF2014

Steven Vance form Chicago Cargo made a nice serie of notes of the European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference: #ICBF2014
Video of the Urban Arrow Solar Sound System

You can still watch the Live streamer registration by Ton Haex at Bambuser published a ICBF2014 Twitter Round-up

The regional TV station 'Omroep Gelderland' paid attention to the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen. GO! Netherlands added the subtitles in English.
Watch it HERE

ECF sent their Press-Release: It's Boom Time for Cargo Bikes

Notice of PRO-E-BIKE at the International Cargo Bike Festival 2014

Holland-Cycling wrote about the ICBF2014.
Biking for business - Part 1 
Biking for business - Part 2

Bakfietsblog: Bakfietstreffen 2014 in English
Bakfietsblog: Bakfietstreffen 2014 in Nijmegen auf Deutsch

Steven Fleming: Cursed by my haters, I prevail nonetheless

Paul van Roekel (in Dutch) Ik zeg nooit meer 'bakfiets'. 

Article by Elizabeth Barner of CTC

Video of the Cargo Bike Parade by Davide

Interview on YouTube on XYZ SpaceFrames and 8Rad by Nico Jungel from the Berliner Fahrradschau.

No Tech Magazine on 8 wheeler cargo bike
and on the Modular Cargo Bike

Our Spanish speaking friends can read this excellent blogpost by Xiclo-Logistics fromValladolid, Spain.

Biciclub Revista, Argentina: La era de las Cargo Bikes, 11 may 2014, 'Die Lastenräder-Offensive' 

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