Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bakfiets Parade - Cargo Bike Parade

On Sunday, April 13th, we start the Cargo Bike Fair with the Bakfiets Parade / Cargo Bike Parade through the City of Nijmegen.

At 11.30 am the cargo bikes get together from everywhere at the 'Grote Markt' in Nijmegen in front of 'De Waagh' near the statue of 'Mariken van Nimwegen'.

At 12.00 hrs the cargo bikes head to the BakfietsTreffen at De Vasim at the Winselingseweg.All participants should abey to regular traffic rules and participation is on your own risk.

This is the route we will ride: Grote Markt - Burchtstraat - Hertogstraat - Van Broekhuijsenstraat - Van Welderenstraat - Molenstraat - Plein '44 - Doddendaal - Parkweg - L.Hezelstraat - Hezelpoort and then follow the new fast cycle path along the Honig factory to De Vasim and the BakfietsTreffen / Cargo Bike Fair under the arches of the new bridge De Oversteek / The Crossing.
Arrival at 1 pm.

Cargo bikers of the world, unite and ride!