Friday, October 25, 2013

European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference

On Saturday 12 April 2014 the European Cycle Logistics Federation will celebrate its second annual meeting at the Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen with a Conference.

Members of the cyclelogistics federation and other professionals are invited to participate at the presentations, workshops and discussion that will be organised. 

The Draft Agenda is published HERE

Admission to the Conference is free of charge, but please, register at this Registration form

      Intelligent Energy Europe
Organisation: Jos Sluijsmans of, Gary Armstrong of Outspoken Delivery and the European Cyclelogistics Federation


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

CycleLogistics Workshop at Ecologistiek 2013

Twenty-one participants from The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Greece attended a workshop on "setting up and running a cycle based delivery business" held at the Ecologistiek 2013 event at AHOY Rotterdam on 8 October.

With research showing 25% of trips within urban areas involve carrying light goods in motorised vehicles, participants were introduced to the potential of cargo bikes being used to undertake these trips. Topics covered in the workshop included choosing the right bicycle, marketing & promotion, sector & service types, pricing & defining delivery areas and potential customers.

Post workshop feedback indicated participants found the workshop very motivating with 15 indicating they were either likely or very likely to use a cargo bike in their business in the future

The workshop was run by Outspoken Delivery  an innovative cycle based delivery business based in Cambridge, UK on behalf of CycleLogistics an EU funded project to promote the use of cycles for carrying cargo.

The workshop will be repeated in Thessaloniki, Greece at Biciklopedia 2013 on Saturday 30 November and in Vienna on Thursday 5 December. For further details on these future workshops contact Gary Armstrong 
Participants working on a workshop exercise
Look for more photos on the Ecologistiek event at The Happy Cargobiker on Facebook.