Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Rita Bringt's - Viennese Meals on (Pedal Powered) Wheels

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Started in 2014 by two Salzburgers; nutritionist Rita Huber and Gerald Költringer, Founder and Owner of an internet design company, Rita Bringt's is a catering and food delivery business based in Vienna, Austria.
Using a fleet of 13 refrigerated Bullitts, plus several trikes, the company delivers handmade meals to Viennese homes and businesses. Rita and Gerald have built the company with sustainability in mind: all of the packaging they use is recyclable or biodegradable, all ingredients used are locally sourced and organic where possible and customers must order before 4pm the day before meaning waste is minimised. It's easy to see where the use of bikes for deliveries fits into this sustainable business model. Compatibility with their environmentally responsible ethos combined with operational flexibility and efficiency makes using cargo bikes an obvious choice for Rita Bringt's.
Food delivery is one of the major trends in cycle logistics at the moment and there are a number of different models that organisations are using; organisations such as Deliveroo and Foodora come to mind, for example. However, Rita Bringt's is different; they are an example of a different breed of successful, city-based, small-to-medium sized food businesses using cargo bikes to transport self-produced; a similar example in Amsterdam is Marleen Kookt. Initiatives such as these seem to thrive in cities where good cycling infrastructure is present.
We were lucky enough to sample Rita Bringt's food when they catered for the European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference in Vienna recently and can confirm; food just tastes better when it's been delivered by bike.

Innovations: Food, Sustainability

Organisation: Rita Bringt's
Sector: Food
City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Bike Manufacturer: Larry vs. Harry / Bullitt
Basis: Permanent

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