Wednesday, January 4, 2017

FoodLogica - Last Mile Food Delivery

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Amsterdam based startup Foodlogica began trading in 2014; conducting last mile food deliveries  around the city with two e-trikes. Clients' food is delivered to the edge of the city and Foodlogica take it the rest of the way. After a trial period beginning in June 2014, the company was launched in September that same year. The company came out of the Farming the City project, run by Amsterdam based CITIES Foundation, which works on “urban analysis, research, communication and community-based project development.”
Foodlogica work with a small number of clients; selected for their commitment to sustainability. The pricing structure of the company was developed in conjunction with these clients; a base price is charged, on top of which extra costs are incurred based on the distance and number of stops made on the journey.

The trikes, which have a maximum payload of up to 300kg, are stored and recharged in a shipping container, currently located at Amsterdam Food Centre on the western edge of the city. The container itself can also be relocated if necessary and more containers could be added in future if the business grows; in this way the business model is easily scalable.

In September 2016, Foodlogica added some refrigerated e-trikes to their fleet. These new trikes also have a patented suspension system.

Foodlogica have also diversified, offering the space on the side of their trikes as advertising space; albeit for sustainable brands only. They also offer deliveries to events and markets.
Organisation: Foodlogica 
Sector: Private / Commercial
City: Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Bike Manufacturer: Radkutsche
Basis: Permanent

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