Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cyclehoop - Maintenance Bike

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Cyclehoop is a cycle parking company based in South East London. The company works with several of London's 33 local authorities, or boroughs.
Among Cyclehoop's most successful products are Bikehangars and public bike pumps and because these products have moving parts, regular maintenance is required. Cyclehoop employs one person specifically for this job and instead of a van, a cargo bike is used. All tools and materials necessary to clean, maintain and fix the Bikehangars and Pumps are able to be carried on the bike.
This approach makes a lot of sense in London, where congestion means crossing the city is much quicker by bike.  The nature of the work means that multiple stops are necessary, which would be made difficult in a van by London's narrow, busy streets and expensive because of parking restrictions.
Innovations: maintenance

Organisation: Cyclehoop
Sector: Private / Commercial
City: London
Country: UK
Bike: Bullitt, larryvsharry
Basis: Permanent

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