Monday, April 4, 2016

Evolo, high quality ecologistics from Spain

EVOLO is an engineering company that has been getting to consolidate as a benchmark initiative in the sustainable urban mobility area

EVOLO creates, industrializes and sells products offering after-sales support
We design and license services to those customers who want to enter sustainable mobility business and need some help.
And we do engineering/consultancy work for authorities interested in encourage smart city mobility solutions

EVOLO: when we consume 200 times less energy in transportation, we would resize the world
Solve urban logistic problems by sustainable solutions, making effective and efficient solutions both in price, time and energy consumption. We propose new and cost effective solutions based on tested business models related to urban logistic, electric assisted cargo trikes, and smart IT systems

Salvador Varea (right) en Valencia
The productivity in last mile logistic of a cargo trike is unreachable by a traditional motor vehicle. A trike can easily make 1.500 stops per month where a van hardly reaches 835 stops. But it requires a new way of organizing the work and understanding de urban delivery market.

EVOLO is an engineering company that belongs to GRUPO EL PROEX and has been getting to consolidate as a benchmark initiative in the sustainable urban mobility area. EVOLO has contributed and has have an active role in the mobility policies definition for Vitoria-Gasteiz (European Green Capital 2012), and it has been granted with GREEN PROVIDER and GREEN FACTORY awards.

EVOLO is considered as a strategic interest initiative for the whole European Union. It has been selected and is a venture supported by the European initiative KIC INNOENERGY.

EVOLO developed in 2010 the first Spanish made cargo trike, and since them it has been developing business models related to cargo bike use in last mile logistics.

EVOLO can build the vehicle that you need just let it know to our R D I department, anyway our serial vehicles are:

            Z1, cargo bike, you can move 250kg.
            H1, tilting cargo bike, to move waste.
            Rs1, let me show the city, to move persons.
            P1, industrial use, how to transport euro pallet.
          Z2, the new model, hi quality, professional use, best cargo bike.

Plug and ride!

Users can move freight anywhere a bike can go.

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