Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hungarian news portal will be at the ICBF2014

Ferenc Bakró-Nagy of and his colleagues will come to the International Cargo Bike Festival to shoot a video about the festival and the hungarian participants: Hajtás Pajtás Kft, Kantaa, Hajtás Pajtás // Bringabarát, and Hajtás Pajtás Bicycle Messengers Company. is the leading hungarian news portal with over 1.3 million readers per month, read by hungarians from Romania, Slovakia and UK as well.

You can read more about at wikipedia. has a cyclist blog called Kerékagy.

Ferenc is an urban cyclist activist and co-organizer of hungarian Critical Mass. The two main organizer of Critical Mass Budapest, Kükü and Sinya, are going to be at the Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen as well.