Thursday, February 20, 2014

Food & drinks at the Cargo Bike Festival

The food and drinks at the International Cargo Bike Festival will be taken care of bij 'One for the Road Catering' and 'Op vuur en vlam' (On Fire and Flames).

Antonio of 'Op vuur en vlam' will prepare delicious pizzas in 'Il forno mobile' a great pizza oven build on a Christiania bakfiets. Actually the presentation of this pizza oven bakfiets was originally the reason for the first BakfietsTreffen in 2012.
Antonio baking pizaa in 'Il forno mobile'

 A year later the grill and fry bakfiets 'Tapas Trapas' was added to the pizza oven. 'Trapas' means 'crank' in Dutch. At the Cargo Bike Festival, the chef Rob Beernink will take care of the cooking of lovely tapas.
 Tapas Trapas

In 2013 the triciclo with ice was added to the collection.

At this moment there are several food bikes in the makingprocess: Nachos Triciclo, Patatas bravas, Champagne&Oyster bakfiets.

The coffee will be served by 'De Koffieventerij'.