Monday, May 22, 2017

CLARIJS Cargo Bike Covers & Canopies

WHAT                                                                                                          DO THEY DO?

Clarijs is specialized in the manufacturing of handmade high quality cargo bike covers, rain canopies and bike bags since 1948!

They manufacture covers and rain canopies for ;, Workcycles, Christiania, Dolly, Nihola, Fietsfabriek, Babboe, 't Mannetje and some more to come…

Note; you can choose 18 different colors of the best quality pvc (all made in the EU), re-used truck cover or coated acryl (normally used for boat covers).

All with 3 years guarantee!! 


Sailmaker Clarijs is a traditional family business.
It was founded by the brothers Clarijs when in 1948 they started as a saddlery.
When less work was available in the leather-working branch, the type of work changed.
Gradually the company started to focus more on processing sail canvas and related
products. The company evolved and has passed on to the sons and grandchildren
and has grown into production work of (cycle) bags and bakfiets covers in the
more recent years.
We are proud to tell, Clarijs products are being sold in more then 12 countries now,
including USA and Canada.


All our products are manufactured in The Netherlands and all the materials they use are
produced in the EU.
90 % of the products they make are made by people who work in a sheltered workshop!
In the last years they sell more and more (cycle) bags made out of reCYCLEd truckcover 
and other used materials.