Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New Pannierbag on Wheels Makes Shopping Easier

Dutch-based Greenolution launches the B3 bag: a stylish multifunctional bag for cyclists and travellers

The Dutch-based bike-innovation company Greenolution launches a brand new bag: the B3 bag. Fitting a cyclers’ country as The Netherlands, this waterproof bag combines the best of a pannier with the advantages of a shopping bag on wheels. Constructed with a pull-out handle and free-rolling wheels, the spacious and sturdy B3 bag is extremely suitable for both shopping and traveling.

A pannier usually is either too small or too unwieldy for shopping. The B3 bag solves these problems. It’s equipped with adaptable hooks which can easily be attached to the baggage carrier of any kind of bicycle. In the shop or on the streets, the B3 bag smoothly rolls along with you over the pavement or shop floor. If need be, the user can make extra space within the bag by just rolling out the roll closure top.

Greenolution owner Christian Suurmeijer, an industrial designer, took his inspiration for the B3 bag from his own daily life: “I was wondering why shopping should always be such a hassle. I elt there was a need for spacious bags to take the weekly shopping home with you on your bike. So you can leave the car at home. That’s when I began developing the B3 bag: a smart pannier which makes shopping with your bicycle much easier and much more fun.”

The B3 bag can also be used as a travelling bag. If you travel by train, for instance, you can hook up the bag on a rental bike on arrival, and cycle the last leg of your journey to your destination.

The B3 bag is made of strong, durable and watertight materials and is sold in white, blue and red colors. More information on www.vierfiets.nl.

Introduction Price (25% off, until August 2016
One B3 bag                       € 96,80 (normal price € 129,-)
Set of 2 B3 bags               € 173,60 (normal price € 193,60)

The B3 bag can be purchased worldwide. For more information on the product itself or the sales opportunities in your country, please contact Greenolution partner Vierfiets in Amersfoort, The Netherlands: Sjoukje Ziel www.vierfiets.nl