Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cargo Bike with Solar Coolbox

In cooperation with Timmermans Fietsen and Battery Fact, Busybike has developed a solar coolbox for the cargo bike.

The protype is delivered and will be tested in preactice for a couple of weeks in Amsterdam.

The coolbox has a 5 cm solid foam insulation. In front the compressor is installed. It is vibration proof. The battery is fixed under the box and it is charged by solar power.
The capacity is such that the products stay cool at a temperature of 5-7 degrees Celsius for at least 8 hours. It can cool down to 0 degrees Celsius.

The cargo bike coolbox has a sliding lid, so the cool air will not get sucked out of the box when opening it.
Click on the picture to watch the video.
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