Thursday, October 16, 2014

Juice on Wheels

Juice on Wheels is the result of an spontanous plan of some entreprensurs from The Hague, the Netherlands.  The International Cargo Bike Festival in April 2014 in Nijmegen confronted them with an extra challenge. Could the exposed and inspiring solutions for 'clean last mile' be supplemented with a sustainable endproduct i.e. the vending of vegetables and fruit? Could transport by bike become more interesting for an increasing group of entrepreneurs because they could reach their customers in an unique manner?
The International Cargo Bike Festival speeded up the yet fresh idea of Juice on Wheels and headed into the right direction.
In three months the pilotversion of the transport and vending bike of Juice on Wheels was ready.

The frame was a Radkutsche Musketier. The construction is of a lightweight, modular tubesystem, which is quite simple to build with. And in the pilotphase it was very easy to adjust things. The flexible solar panels on the top of the trikes are quite special They make the juicebar energy neutral. These solar panels deliver the energy that is needed for the electric juicer. Juice on Wheels is the first mobile energyneutral orangejuice bar in the world!

Because of the short distances, lightweight construction and geometry there was no need for electric transmission for the trikes in the pilotfase.

You can find Juice on Wheels at busy places, at sustainability events. It is a very cheerfull appearance in the streets. The visitors of the Teh Hague Energy Fair 2014 nominated Juice on Wheels their favorate sustainable company.

Juice on Wheels will be present at the International Cargo Bike Festival on 19 April 2015 in Nijmegen. Check out the Facebookpage of Juice on Wheels for the newest developments.