Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who will you meet at the International Cargo Bike Festival?

 There is a long list of participants of the European Cycle Logistics Federation Conference on Saturday and the Fair / Exhibition on Sunday.

To give you an idea which organisations and persons you can meet, we’ll list them here.

- European Cycle Logistics Federation -, - European Cyclists’Federation - , DHL Express, PostNL, Province Gelderland, City of Nijmegen, City of Arnhem, Sjors van Duren of Arnhem Nijmegen City Region, - Outspoken Delivery -, - - , - Busybike -, Urban Arrow, - Op vuur en vlam -  ,  - Cultuurspinnerij de Vasim - , - Pro-E-Bike - , Mobycon,  - Mikael Colville-Andersen of - , FGM-AMOR, Emakers, Steven Fleming of University of Tasmania, - gloedcommunicatie -, LOBO from Austria,
 Andrea Casalotti of K4argo, - Velocity Fietskoeriers - , Vanapedal Barcelona, - Paris Cargo Bikes -, - GobaxGmbH - , - BABBOE bakfiets - , Cargo Vélo, MOVEBYBIKE Sweden, London Bike Hub, - Steve Vance of Chicago Cargo -, Get Local Coop, Bio Butler,  - CycloCadeau - Duurzaam in mobiliteit, Heavy Pedals, - RADKUTSCHE -, Loliner, VCD – Verkehrsclub Deutschland, Tricló, EcoBike Speed, Gobax, - enviado -, - BicycleDutch blog - , First Echelon, CycleSpace, Lobo Austria, Hajtás Pajtás Kft, - Photographer Shirley Agudo -, Die Kuriere Essen, IBC MOVILIZATION, CTC, Kantaa Hungary, ImagineCargo, BicycleCulture, Hajtás Pajtás Bicycle Messengers Company, TXITA San Sebastian, Izmir Bicycle Association, La Luna Shipping, GetLocal, Pedal Power Transport, ENVERCEVKO Turkey, Xtracycle USA, B-Spokes Deliveries, Hajtás Pajtás // Bringabarát,
Delivery&Parcel Solutions, Jinqxz, MESSENGER a.s., Marc Peeters, Reyer Studio, - de Fietsfabriek -, Struin BSO, - Plug-in Solar -, Herbert Tiemens, Maderna Cycle Systems, Neklan Cargo Bikes Brno, XICLO Valladolid, Nijland Products, Velogista Berlin, - Anneman van Vene -, - Dr Beyk -, bw_ruimte in projecten, Metropolite Bikecourier, Madrid, Steven Koster of PUURland, Battery Fact, Alinker, Richard Armitrage Transport Consultancy Ltd, London Cargo Bike Company, Rob Verwer- Artist, Low Tech Magazine, Berkel Company, 3pm The Sustainable Mobility Company, Whike, Hans Bullit Fogh HarryvsLarry, Kooperativa ROG-Ljubljana-Slovenia, Ecoprofile-Sweden, Elian Cycles, - WakaWaka - Solar for Syria -, Velobility AG, - Stipbike -, researcher from the University of Aveiro - Portugal, Fietsforum Tilburg, Butchers and Bicycles.

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