Tuesday, May 30, 2017


The Deliver Ebike is taking over Europe. Big chains like Domino’s pizza, Burger King and Subway are already using the innovative solution for delivering meals in urban areas. 

The Deliver Ebike is a fast electric E-bike with a maximum speed of 25km per hour. It was developed in the Ebike Development Centre in Cuijk, the Netherlands. Engineers used top quality components of well-known brands, ensuring that the bike is solid, safe and durable.

The E-bike is especially designed for delivery and is as sturdy and strong as possible. The battery is positioned within the frame, minimizing the chance of accidental damage. Most cables are safely hidden inside the bike frame and the handle bars are fitted with solid grips. The bike is equipped with an automatic 2-gear hub, allowing for automatic gear changes. This feature makes it very efficient and reliable. 

The Deliver Ebike can be customized with a company name, a company logo  and a wide range of different delivery boxes and bags. 

Next to the normal Deliver Ebike, there is also a new model: The Deliver E-Trike. This innovative three wheeled E-Bike uses the latest technology and is perfect for last mile delivery, such as delivering big packages in crowded downtown areas were large trucks are being banned.

Are you interested in Deliver Ebikes? Check out the website: www.ebike4delivery.com.