Monday, May 22, 2017

CLARIJS Cargo Bike Covers & Canopies

WHAT                                                                                                          DO THEY DO?

Clarijs is specialized in the manufacturing of handmade high quality cargo bike covers, rain canopies and bike bags since 1948!

They manufacture covers and rain canopies for ;, Workcycles, Christiania, Dolly, Nihola, Fietsfabriek, Babboe, 't Mannetje and some more to come…

Note; you can choose 18 different colors of the best quality pvc (all made in the EU), re-used truck cover or coated acryl (normally used for boat covers).

All with 3 years guarantee!! 


Sailmaker Clarijs is a traditional family business.
It was founded by the brothers Clarijs when in 1948 they started as a saddlery.
When less work was available in the leather-working branch, the type of work changed.
Gradually the company started to focus more on processing sail canvas and related
products. The company evolved and has passed on to the sons and grandchildren
and has grown into production work of (cycle) bags and bakfiets covers in the
more recent years.
We are proud to tell, Clarijs products are being sold in more then 12 countries now,
including USA and Canada.


All our products are manufactured in The Netherlands and all the materials they use are
produced in the EU.
90 % of the products they make are made by people who work in a sheltered workshop!
In the last years they sell more and more (cycle) bags made out of reCYCLEd truckcover 
and other used materials.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Txita - Activists of Sustainable Transport

Register of Initiatives in Pedal Powered Logistics - RIPPL #11

TXITA Txirrindak is a cycle logistics company from Donostia - San Sebastian, founded in 2006. Their mission is to improve the sustainability and quality of life in the city by promoting eco‐friendly urban transport, simultaneously establishing a successful model to serve as an example to other cities.

The initial business model was based on provision of a “taxi-bike” (Bicitaxi) service for citizens and tourists in tricycles. Advertising was also installed on these tricycles, an important source of 
diversified income.

In 2009 Txita branched out into the last mile (or la ultima milla) distribution business and transport service for small and medium parcel delivery; also using tricycles with a 250kg capacity.

Further innovation has come in the form of a new 7 week pilot project that began in March this year (2017) in conjunction with the Municipality. This project offers customers of local shops in certain postcodes the option of home delivery. Customers can pick a delivery time slot and the shop then contacts TXITA, who collect and deliver the item. Around 30 shops are taking part in the pilot, including bakers, florists and pharmacies and during the initial 7 weeks, it is free for customers to use.

Besides all of this, TXITA are involved in a number of different aspects of sustainable urban transport and cycle logistics. They are involved in a number of projects including the EU-funded Cyclelogistics Ahead and also offer training and consultancy services for other organisations wanting to integrate cycle logistics.

A busy organisation; and we haven't even mentioned their music bikes, or how they rode a taxi-bike and cargo bike 786km to the Velo City conference in Nantes in 2015...

Innovations: diversification, home delivery

Organisation: Txita
Sector: Private / Commercial
Cities: Donostia - San Sebastian
Country: Spain
Basis: Pilot (home delivery), Permanent (everything else)
Contact: Harri Zuazo Linacisoro

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Struin – Nature, After-School Childcare and Bikes

Register of Initiatives in Pedal Powered Logistics - RIPPL #10

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. This is the slogan of Struin, an after-school care organisation located in Nijmegen in the East of the Netherlands.

Their aim is to bring groups of children into contact with nature during after-school sessions. Through outdoor play the children learn how to interact with other kids, develop their creativity and discover nature. There are regularly 170 children in Struin's care, guided by a well trained team of 30 staff split across three locations in Nijmegen.

Struin use bikes to collect the children to from school and take them to various local nature spots. Part of the appeal is that children are out in fresh air not only for the session, but also for the journey there and back. After the sessions on the return journey, the bikes act like a bus; parents can choose to pick up their child from various pre-arranged drop off points at fixed times, or at a central collection point.

One of the bikes they use was developed by Struin along with Dutch manufacturer Tolkamp Metaalspecials. They have 10 of these and each one allows a single staff member to transport up to 11 children. Luckily for that staff member, the children join in with pedalling. The organisation has various types of cargo bikes, allowing them the flexibility to handle several groups of varying sizes. These include 8 Radkutsche Trikes, 10 Redding KDV-BSO Trikes and one Nihola Trike.

Innovations: Mobility as a Service, After-School Care Transport

Organisation: Struin

Sector: Private / Commercial

City: Nijmegen

Country: Netherlands

Basis: Permanent

Contact: Matthijs de Gruijter.

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Friday, April 28, 2017

The Cargo Bike Song

Every year there is an occassion at the International Cargo Bike Festival to sing the Cargo Bike Song.
In 2016 Johan Erlandsson practiced the Dutch version of the song and sang it in DE Vasim riding the Velove Armadillo together with Ron Vervuurt.
Allways a surprise who is going to sing it. Will you this year?

Chair of the Day, Ron Vervuurt, sang the song at the end of the day in 2015.

click on the photo to enlarge

The song as I know it is from 1968 from Egbert Douwe (Rob Out) and it is called in Dutch "Kom uit je bedstee mijn liefste" (Come out of the bed, my darling)

Ron Vervuurt wrote the new Dutch version and he did the translation into English as well.

However the original song is from The Brothers Four and written by Eric Andersen, "Come to my bedside, my darling"

Ron Vervuurt already sang the song at the Cargo BikeFestival 2014, but only few people were in the tent to listen then.

Looking forward to the performances of this year!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Carvelo2go – Cargo Bike Sharing Scheme

Register of Initiatives in Pedal Powered Logistics - RIPPL #9

Carvelo2go, a project established in 2015 and supported by the Swiss “carvelo” cargo bicycle initiative, was the world’s first electric cargo bike-sharing scheme. The more than 2600 users who have already registered can hire electrically-assisted cargo bikes by the hour in a number of Swiss towns, by visiting the carvelo2go websiteCurrently the service is available in Basel, Bern, Vevey and St Gallen, but in June and July 2017, Zurich, Winterthur, Baden and Lucerne will also be added.
The scheme is operated by the Mobility Academy, part of the TCS (Touring Club Schweiz). Around 60 bikes are hosted by local shops, such as bakeries, pharmacies, book shops or bars. By involving local shops as hosts, where users can pick up the battery and key, carvelo2go provides easy access whilst minimising investment in infrastructure such as charging stations. Users pay in advance at the shop and return the bike, battery, and key once the trip is made. 

Innovations: Bike sharing scheme

Organisation: Mobilitätsakademie des TCS Schweiz / Carvelo2go
Sector: Commercial / Private
Cities: Basel, Bern, Zurich, Lucerne, Baden, St Gallen, Vevey, Winterthur 
Country: Switzerland
Basis: Permanent
Contact: Mirjan Stawicki,


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Friday, March 31, 2017

Ciclolutions – Try Before You Buy

Register of Initiatives in Pedal Powered Logistics - RIPPL #8

Ciclolutions is a company which sells cargo bikes and related accessories in Madrid. The business was founded in September 2016 by Alejandro Corroto (owner of bike courier company Mensos) and Willy Sanz (photographer and cargo bike lover); although they were working on the project for 6 months before the launch.
Alejandro and Willy wanted to help their customers make that difficult decision about whether to spend 4500 on a cargo bike they are not familiar with. So they decided to offer new customers a two month trial period to try a cargo bike before they buy. If the customer decides not to buy the bike, they just pay for the period they had it as if it were a rental. However to date, no customers have been willing to part with their new cargo bike.

A major reason behind Ciclolutions' use of this model is that in Spain, delivery by bike has not yet become mainstream. In this way the company has become a catalyst, encouraging cycle logistics in general, as well as generating business for themselves. 
Ciclolutions sells cargo bikes from Danish manufacturer Triobike and also works together with a fibreglass manufacturer to manufacture custom cargo bike boxes.

Innovations: Try before you buy

Organisation: Ciclolutions
Sector: Private / Commercial
Cities: Madrid
Country: Spain
Bike Manufacturer(s): Triobike
Basis: Permanent
Contact: Guillermo Sanz.


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Saturday, March 11, 2017

ICBF Funding

Dear cargo bike friends,

In cooperation with the Dutch Cyclists’ Union (Fietsersbond) we are arranging funding for potential participants of the International Cargo Bike Festival from developing countries or for others who have not sufficient resources themselves to come to the ICBF2017 in Nijmegen from 11 to 13 June 2017.

We have some specific candidates from India and from several countries in Africa. Also a student team from the UK asked for financial assistance to be able to participate at the ICBF.

If you want to support this initiative, please, donate your contribution to the following account number  NL32TRIO0197962688 on behalf of Fietsersbond, Nicolaas Beetsstraat 2a
3511 HE Utrecht, The Netherlands. BIC code: TRIONL2U.
Please, mention: Contribution for the ICBF, Project 260

Any amount is very welcome and highly appreciated!

If you are from a developing country and/or you want to be considered for financial assistance, please send a request to miss Janneke van Klei of the “Fietsersbond”, and cc to Jos Sluijsmans of the ICBF/,

Best regards,
Jos Sluijsmans
International Cargo Bike Festival