Saturday, November 26, 2016

RIPPL - Register of Initiatives in Pedal Powered Logistics is carrying out an inquiry into the best practices in cycle logistics in Europe; RIPPL – Register of Initiatives in Pedal Powered Logistics.

 The RIPPL blog continues at the website RIPPL.BIKE

Nationally and internationally there are many initiatives concerning (e-)cargo bikes for clean city logistics. Sharing examples of best practice will help the development of cycle logistics in general, so we would like to hear from you. Click here to fill in the questionnaire.

RIPPL runs alongside the LEVV-LOGIC project by the Universities of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam and Rotterdam; click here for more information on the LEVV-LOGIC project
In addition, RIPPL also complements the LEVV-NL project, which is a further elaboration of a survey conducted in March / April 2016 by the European Cycle Logistics Federation for Dutch companies.

RIPPL is powered by Topsector Logistiek