Friday, June 17, 2016

Bicycle delivery routes

As online shopping continues to grow, sustainable logistics are greatly in demand. Therefore, it’s only logical that bicycle deliveries are also taking off.

Bicycle couriers are getting busier all the time. Cycling to and fro for each individual order is not very efficient; it’s better to take several packages at a time. Although this is possible, working out the quickest route between addresses can be a real brain teaser.
Useful tool
Online route planner RouteXL has been on the case, and this useful tool is now available for cyclists. “There is a lot of demand for bicycle routes, so we recently added them to our route planner”, says owner Paul Mars. “Using route optimisation saves a lot of time, both in terms of planning and during delivery. It’s a logistical must have”.
RouteXL is based on the bicycle routes of OpenStreetMap, the freely editable map service. Once a route has been drawn up it can be shared with colleagues using, for example, Whatsapp. Virtually all existing mobile navigation apps can be used to give directions en route.
Cycling promoter Jos Sluijsmans no longer works as a bicycle courier, but he would have really appreciated this service: “Bicycle couriers who have been in the business for longer have generally worked out their own system, but this is a great tool for newcomers”.
Free for the first 20 stops
RouteXL is free for the first 20 stops for general use. To try it, go to Click on Options > Routing > Vehicle and select bicycle routes.
Caption: Anyone wishing to add more than 20 addresses to a circuit can purchase an upgrade for up to 150 addresses per route. Our readers can get a 20% discount this month by quoting the discount