Monday, March 16, 2015

Boxer Cycles Rocket

Boxer Cycles is a new UK cycle manufacturer devoted to producing the world’s most practical and best looking range of cargo trikes.

Our goal is to make every ride of our trikes inspirational to their riders, passengers and to the passers-by that stop and look at them’. Says Jeremy Davies, Boxer’s lead designer and managing director. ‘
Boxer has achieved this with the Rocket, which is rapidly becoming recognised as the most beautiful family trike produced to date. ‘We are very proud of the praise we have received to date, the Rocket seems to brighten peoples days judging by the smiles we see as we ride past’

Recent praise of note is that the Design Museum in London is intending to feature the Rocket in a new exhibition in the Autumn and recently senior lecturer in architecture and spatial design, Steven 'Cycle Space' Fleming, labelled the Rocket ‘Dymaxion Bike’ - which equates it to designs produced by the 1930’s modernist and visionary Buckminster Fuller.
This feeling of surprise and intrigue that our Rocket seems to generate is what inspires us to go on and create further designs which jump out and  say ‘look at me I am something that you have never seen before, but I’m real, I’m buyable, I’m highly functional and will change the way you live your life considerably’

Boxer Cycles will be at the International Cargo Bike Festival 2015 in Nijmegen