Sunday, September 7, 2014

Statistics on the first year of this website

In September 2013 we started this International Cargo Bike Festival website. 
In the first year of its existence it had over 50.000 pageviews. 
 Most of the visitors are from the Netherlands. Second come the visitors from the United States of America and third from Germany.
The Netherlands 12096
USA 9242
Germany 6265
Ukrain 2548
UK 2157
Belgium 1915
France 1776
Italy 952
Spain 828

Occasionally there were weeks that suddenly visitors form other countries came in the top 10 of that particular week, like Brasil, South Korea, China, Turkey, etc.
The most read articles are:
Eighty Thousand Cargo Bikes, posted on 6 apr. 2014, 2363
Pictures of the International Cargo Bike Festival posted on 14 apr. 2014, 1489
Who will you meet at the Cargo Bike Festival posted on 30 jan. 2014, 578
Program - European Cycle Logistics Federation Conf...posted on 10 jan. 2014, 442
B&B and Hotel at the Cargo Bike Festival posted on 2 jan. 2014, 418
Invitation to the International Cargo Bike Festival posted on 30 nov. 2013, 400
Blogposts and articles on the ICBF2014 posted on 17 apr. 2014, 397
New video of the ICBF2014 by Oosterhout Production posted on 3 jun. 2014, 265
Mikael Colville-Andersen - Keynote speaker posted on 1 apr. 2014, 264
Bakfiets Parade - Cargo Bike Parade posted on 9 apr. 2014, 251
The pages that were consulted most frequently were the following:
Cargo Bike Fair, 6457
Conference, 2501
Participants, 2159
Sponsors / Partners, 1756
Contact, 1290

In 2015 the International Cargo Bike Festival will take place on 18 and 19 April, 2015, at the same venue as last year, De Vasim, Winselingseweg 41 in Nijmegen.
We hope to see you there!