Friday, March 28, 2014

Rob Verwer's world

Reasons and possible explanations

Rob Verwer creates ironic structures and machinery. From flying cars to madly rotating propellers. His work arises in the search for new structures.
The structure-quest takes place in areas that fascinate me: architecture, building, "construction, technique, movement.

The key principles in the development of my work: to invent a structure and to build it, the structure eventually builds off almost automatically like some kind of play. Some structures are build off by the public (becomes involved), other already build structures interact with reactions of spectators.

The build structures are remarkable because they seem to come from a different time or seem to descend from far beyond our society. The actions and gestures of these structures are absurd and grotesque, and contrast with the actions of everyday life.
Rob uses everyday objects and materials from which he strips off their coating and then decompose them into new structural elements. The origin of the materials remains as visible as possible as a historical backing.
A part of my vocabulary is the bicycle and the whole world of it. A part of that world is a statement against the established large scale oil based polluting transport systems. In my case as an inventor I design the vehicle tailor-made for my specific transport issues; Of course is the wow and fun factor very important in the design; the recycling* is of extreme importance. The unregulated vehicle restrictions make it possible to just drive my creations and inventions around; My everyday-transport is like an exhibition.
I hope that my inventions will be copied or even improved by others…

--------------------------------LETS RECYCLE THE WORLD---------------------------------------

*To recycle a bicycle