Saturday, January 18, 2014

Partner of the Cargo Bike Festival, the European Cycle Logistics Federation

The European Cycle Logistics Federation is a professional body which represents and supports the needs of cycle logistics companies across Europe.

The Federation is a membership organisation for:
  1. Established cycle logistics businesses (eg. delivery companies, couriers, pedicab operators, tradespeople, organisations which use cycles as part of their business operations, etc)
  2. Start-up businesses considering using cycles as part of their business operations
  3. Manufacturers and suppliers of cycle logistics equipment.
  4. Associates who have an interest in promoting the further use of cycles
The ECLF has over 130 members in Europe.

The Federation is supported by CYCLElogistics, an EU funded project which promotes the delivery of freight by cycles and trikes.

As partner of the ICBF2014 the ECLF organizes the Conference on Saturday 12 April. Admission to the Conference is free of charge, but please do register through this Registration form.